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Roald's Corner

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In case you missed it
  Roald, Jun 08 2013

On my screen that image appears larger than my penis. My screen is 24" running 1920x1080. I calculated that in order to shrink the image down to the size where it would no longer be larger than my penis, I would have to buy a 2" monitor. Even on my cell phone, I feel like less of a man looking at this.

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We are the 99%
  Roald, Oct 23 2011

Not you, fucking hippy

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Want to earn easy $20?
  Roald, Mar 16 2011

If you're outside the US, I just need you to make a post for me on a forum that doesn't accept Americans. I will give you the exact text. I can transfer on full tilt, stars, paypal

edit: completed with HaiVan

A++++++++++++++++ would have post stuff for me on other forums again. Fast and courteous service

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